Control Policy

Question 1

Choose two types of regular expressions… For example, [brackets] (Matches the enclosed characters in any order anywhere in a string) and * wildcards (Matches the preceding character 0 or more times) and discuss the differences between the two.

Please be sure to include two or three differences for each. Include how they help manipulate data. Question 2: Conduct some research for access control policies. See if you can post a template for an Access Control Policy.

Question 2

1) Why is it critical for an organization to have a DoS attack response plan well before it happens?

2) Please discuss the techniques used by malware developers to disguise their code and prevent it from being analyzed.

Question 3

• Conduct research to determine three types of computer crime. Please provide a detailed description for all crimes, and share an example of where an organization was impacted by each of the types. 
• Elaborate on how the impact of computer crime is quantified. Please share at least two examples. 
• Include at least four (4) reputable sources. 
• Your final paper should be 1,000-to-1,250-words, and written in APA Style.

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