Consumer Markets

Question 1

In this question, you have to choose a product from your company or any product of your preference.
Then answer all the following questions.
a) How do you segment your consumer markets? (20 marks)
b) How do you evaluate you market segment (20 marks)
c) Elaborate on your target market Segments (20 marks)
d) Identifying Possible Value Differences and positioning strategy (30 marks)
e) Design a positioning statement for your product (10 marks)

Question 2

Topic: Strategic Management in Football.

Tasks: Compare and contrast two Strategic Plans from two Football Associations, What are the strengths and weaknesses of the plans?

and How do the plans compared with the principle of strategic football management and what are the principal differences?

Question 3

According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, what are the relevant characteristics of cognitive thought of the students in the classroom?

What are some strategies that you can incorporate into your teaching that will create an environment that supports the cognitive development of your students?

Provide at least 3 references.

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