Consumer Level

In Milestone Six, you will submit an audiovisual presentation (such as a webcam presentation or PowerPoint with audio) designed to pitch your concept to
potential financial backers or senior executives. Your presentation should highlight the key elements of your business concept and implementation plan that are most likely to convince your audience to support the idea moving forward. Remember that while your audience wants to know you have thoroughly researched and planned out your idea, including implementation, they do not want a verbatim or lengthy repetition of the information in the business implementation plan when you pitch the idea. Instead, you should strategically select the information you will present and in how much detail based on your intended audience. You should bear in mind the key information they will want to know and the types of concerns they are likely to have, and anticipate the types of questions they are likely to ask.

Also bear in mind that financial or managerial support for a project often has as much to do with the individuals leading the project as with the concept. Backers need to be convinced of project leaders’ and key staff’s ability to be the face and drivers of the idea, as well as of their honesty and integrity. Since you are
presumably one of the key team members, how you present is just as important as what you present in building audience trust. Be sure to communicate clearly and professionally throughout.

Note: If you plan to use a presentation software other than PowerPoint, please check in with your instructor to make sure your instructor can access the softwareyou plan to use.

Critical Elements:

Highlight the key elements of your business concept and implementation plan that are most likely to convince your audience to support the idea.

Strategically select the information you will present and the level of detail based on your intended audience.

Anticipate the key information the audience will want to know, the types of concerns they are likely to have, and the types of questions they are likely to


Highlight the project leaders’ and key staff’s ability to be the face and drivers of the idea.

Your presentation should be clear, professional, and engaging to a diverse business audience.


Guidelines for Submission: Your audiovisual presentation should be approximately 30 minutes (or roughly the equivalent of 25 slides) with sufficient audio togive the audience a clear, but concise, understanding of the concept and its eventual implementation. Cite your sources within the text of your slides and on a reference slide.

instead of providing the audio please provide a written script for each slide (25 slides) appx 1 minute for each slide.

The final project is attached.

please follow rubric guidelines for powerpoint presentation
Attachment preview

MBA 705 Final Project: Implementation Plan


Overview of the Business explaining the fundamentals.

Business Owner(s) and product service

I have extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry working as a certified pharmacy technician for six years and continuing. I have my degree, which I completed three years ago. At the moment I am undertaking a Master degree in healthcare management at Southern New Hampshire University. 

ER Assist is an app to allow patients to submit their information to a hospital before arrival.

Mission statement

We at ER Assist offer an experience like one that you have never experienced before; we take the “wait’ out of the waiting room. No more long delays in the ER and no more potential disease spread because of it.  

Company structure

General partnership- We will plan to collaborate with Cerner to offer our product to the hospitals in which they house. Cerner is the company we have decided to form a partnership with. 

The target market.

It is going to define the business customers. 

1.    Our customer will be the Electronic Health Record companies that are Cerner.

2.    Their customers would be the hospitals in which they house their EHR systems already.

3.    They the hospitals would provide the service to a consumer level.

Our system will be a B2B operation, we will not be dealing with the consumers on a base level, 

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