Constitutional Basis

Question 1

Answer these questions please:

  1. Trace the development of the notion of privacy.
  2. What is the constitutional basis of the right to privacy?
  3. Describe government surveillance. Is surveillance necessary to ensure national security?
  4. Does private data collection pose a threat to privacy?

Question 2

What is meant by the expression, “the mask of a thousand faces?” How does [your] interpretation support the idea of Solidarity, as it relates to the police brotherhood?

Crank and Caldero (2010) described police culture as a multi-layered onion with four layers. Talk about the first layer, describe it, and insert the Rookie into its’ definition

Question 3

You will need to read “12.2 You Decide.” Then answer the following question: Did Apple have a moral responsibility to assist the government? A moral responsibility to protect users of the iPhone? A corporate responsibility to protect the profitability of the company for investors and for employees? Should corporations be required to give the government the capacity to access encrypted data?

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