Confidence Interval


You notice that the class you are teaching seems unusually bright. To find out whether your current class is more intelligent than students on average in the university, you give your 25 students an IQ test one day, and you find their mean IQ score=130. You were also told by the Registrar that each year the intelligence of students is estimated from their admission test scores, and the mean estimated IQ score for all 25000+ students was IQ=120 with a standard deviation of 10. 

Q(a) What is the confidence interval for the mean IQ of your 25 students?  (b) What is the size of effect in comparing your 25 students IQ to the university students IQ in general? 


You are borrowing   $200,000 and making payments at the end of each month. For an annual interest   rate ranging from 5 percent through 10 percent and loan duration of 10, 15,   20, 25, and 30 years, determine the total interest paid on the loan.  


Determine whether you tend to think INDUCTIVELY or DEDUCTIVELY 。 in regard to people, places and things.  Are you a thinker?  Or do you just react?  Provide concrete examples from your life.  Then, explain how you would like to be in terms of the quality of your thinking.

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