Conceptual and operational definition of concepts

The purpose of this Evidence-Based Practice project (EBP) is to improve or reduce frequent ED visit and drug dependence with patients with chronic disease (sickle cell crisis) after visiting the emergency department through the implementation of discharge phone calls to further evaluate, reassess patient’s needs and ensure effective pain management.

Statement of the problem and PICOT
Will the implementation of immediate follow-up care for patients with chronic sickle cell crisis with discharge phone calls to further evaluate and enforce discharge teaching after ED visit reduce or improve drug dependence and frequent ED visit to twice a month or less within a given time frame of six months.
P (Population): Chronic Sickle Cell patients in Crisis.
I (Intervention): Implementation of immediate fellow up care to evaluate pain, reassess patients’ needs by providing discharge phone calls after the initial ED visit and to ensure effective pain management at home and effective implementation of discharge teachings or instructions.
C (Comparison): Patients are currently visiting the ED frequently/repeatedly (3-6 times per week)
O (Outcome): Reduce Frequent ED visits to at most twice a month for pain management. T (Time): Six Months

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