Concepts and Insights

Question 1

Directions: Choose one topic below.

1.Trace the development of the theology of Christ through the ancient ecumenical councils and reflect on

how they developed the Church’s understanding of Jesus beyond the New Testament.

2. Examine the relationship between incarnation and atonement, focusing especially on Anselm’s idea of satisfaction.

Question 2

-What is the Hindu conception of God? What do they mean by Brahman (not Brahma!)? Is there only one God here or many? Can they be both polytheists and monotheists as some claim?

-400 Word minimum

Question 3

What do you think about this idea from Smith’s discussion of Zen Buddhism, that the thoughts, concepts, insights, etc. that language (any language) can convey or express are limited, so that there are things that cannot be communicated through speech or writing? (See our course text at p.130 on the three limitations of language.)

Are there ideas that cannot be communicated – even through the ‘arts’?

What does this say about humans and reality?

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