Computer Science Discussion

1:   According to the article it says that Haskell was built as an experiment in language design, back in the 90’s. but it’s still on the fringe of mainstream programing. I think it’s a smart idea for Facebook to grab an anti Spam system like this. God knows their is a ton of Spam on Facebook and a program like this will run in the back ground and keep checking to make sure it’s safe. I would think it would be important to have a program like this that runs and is quick and speedy that can handle and remove Spam, and malicious, offensive unwanted messages. I especially like that it said that there are 1.5 billion people worldwide that use facebook, that’s amazing to me it really put things into a whole new perspective for me. I mean I knew social media was huge I’ve just never thought about in perspective of numbers.


2:Victoria i do like your view on this, I can relate with the similar issues. I would say my issue with the syncing capability is the contact list, its nice to have your contacts backed up but when i want to delete an old number or change a contact i cant for some reason. If i try to do it on my phone Google back up automatically puts it back on there. I cant complain though this syncing capability  has come in handy so many times for me. I have broken and dropped my phone in water 3 times this year (thank goodness for insurance!) and because of the Google auto back up i was able to keep all my photos and login to the new phone and within minutes my phone had all of my apps, contacts, and pictures on it again. I guess its a love hate relationship!


3: Aah yes, I have had this problem too. I found this out recently, you can go on line to your Google + account and set everything up to private so when all your photo’s upload from your phone you can feel safe that they are in a backed up file in Google that no one will see unless you want them too. I thought that was great because this way you can pick and choose what pictures you want everyone to see and which ones you don’t want everyone to see. I also found the area where you can edit your contacts for your phone list as well. I think this whole Google + thing is really clever and now everything can be safely backed up and easy to retrieve in situations like yours with you losing phones or dropping them in water. I did that just recently as well dropped my phone in my cats water dish, I was so scared it was ruined I grabbed in really quick and dried it off and nothing no problem with the phone at all. I lucked out I guess.

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