Complete Chart and turn in Summary Essay

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Everyone should complete the Analysis Chart #3and summary Essay due this week (see syllabus). These two docs combined should be 8-9 pages, Chart single-spaced, Essay double-spaced. You can make them separate docs if it helps (Chart is turned sideways–landscape). Please follow this structure below for your Summary Essay(6 pages) (please note: the Summary Essay does NOT summarize the biblical story, but summarizes your findings in the Chart). (Make sure you read the attached reading here as it includes relevant info you should put in the Cultural Customs & Intertextual columns.) Include in your Essay:

–an opening paragraph giving any historical data you can find (date of setting, approximate date or century when written down, if known) and if you want to describe the story in a nutshell, you can do that.

–paragraphs giving your key findings about how the main characters are characterized (use adjectives that describe their roles, motives, possible feelings, but based on their words and actions, as the story goes along, ie, in specific verses and scenes; this will include both what the narrator tells you, but also how you interpret the characterizations)

–paragraph discussing repetitions you found in the story

–paragraph discussing your findings in the chart on cultural customs

–paragraph on ironies you found

–paragraph on intertextualities

–paragraph on general theological understandings of what the text suggests/believes of who God is and what it means to be human

You get the idea!



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