Company Research

Instructions: Go online and research a company/jobs. Find a job description for a job you are interested in. Answer the questions below. Please copy and paste (or screenshot)/attach the job description.

Title of position:





What did you learn about the business from their website? Pick 2-3 aspects. Perhaps talk about the product, structure, people, mission, values, culture, etc.

What did you learn about the business from a search engine? Are they in the news? Social media? What do former employees say about it? A financial analyst?

How are you a match for this job? Think of what you can provide the company, and what the company can provide you with.

Do you meet the requirements? If not, what steps will you take to ensure you meet them in the future?

Now that you have an action plan to meet the job description, what else do you need to do to secure the position?

[1 point for the first 5, 2 points for the questions].

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