Company Background

Question 1

Suggested Length: 1-2 pages (maximum) Single space! All margins: 1 inch; Font: Times New Roman 12 Point.

The following points (a separate paragraph for each) should be discussed in the report:

Brief Background of the Case: Discuss company(ies) background pertinent to the topic of the case. For example discuss the IT technology (ies) and IT strategy (ies) described in the case. You can obtain more information for the company (ies) by conducting research on the Internet.

Conclusion: This paragraph is for concluding remarks and any other relevant comments and/or suggestions.

Question 2

Assignment #3 – Soft and Hard Trends in Software

1) Please consider some of the Soft Trends and write 2-3 pages analysis of these characteristics, emergent requirements, and the new generation software engineers?

2) Use your critical thinking to address the characteristics of the Hard Trends in software. Write 2 pages of emergent technical challenges in software engineering processes, methods, and future tools?

Requirements: APA style, Citations, references, cover page, reference page must be followed.

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