Community Needs

This assignment asks you to obtain information on your community and develop a Community Needs Assessment.

Format this assignment in APA style, with a title and reference page. Use headings to identify your response to each of the questions. Write in paragraph form. Use at least two sources for the assignment. The assignment should be at least 5 pages, double-spaced, not including the title and reference page.

  1. Identify the geographic area that you select (include 2-3 sentences describing the area: urban, rural, suburban, other salient identifying information) and provide the following information on the demographics of your neighborhood or city. You can use a chart, table, or columns for this information. Cite your source in APA format.
    1. Racial and ethnic distribution (percentages) in community
    1. Age distribution
    1. Educational level distribution
    1. Income distribution
  • Select a concern or issue from the list below, relevant to your community. Provide statistical information (the extent or scope of issue in your community) and a description of the issue (an example or discussion of the problem and its consequences or implications in the present and future, relevant to your community). Cite sources in APA format.
    • Poverty
    • Environmental (air pollution, wildfires, landslides, flooding, toxic water, lack of access to natural resources, etc.)
    • Violence or Crime
    • Housing or Homelessness
    • Lack of businesses in community
    • Transportation Concerns
    • Educational Equity or Achievement
    • Food Insecurity
  • Identify and describe three community groups, agencies, organizations, or institutions in your selected geographic area that are a potential resource to the community in addressing the concern you selected. Explain your response, for example, how could the group be helpful in addressing the problem?
  • Identify a community or political leader who is influential in this area. Describe their role and how it relates to the issue. How can the leader be helpful?
  • Identify and describe two strengths of your community. Why is this a strength and how might it help with this problem?
  • If you were to intervene in this area as a community social worker, what is one specific immediate goal and one specific future goal that you think is important to addressing this concern? These should be goals that are measurable. Explain your response.

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