Community Groups


1. Focus on information related to senior advocacy/regulatory group

2. Select an organization = American Seniors Housing Association

3. Research your organization looking for answers to the following questions.

a. What is the organization’s mission?

b. What is the organizational structure (government agency, national or local group, etc.)?

c. How is the organization funded?

d. What is the reach (audience) for the organization?

e. What are the organization’s major areas of focus?

f. How does the organization advocate for seniors?

g. What are the organizations major accomplishments?

4. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for distribution to community groups interested in learning more about resources and advocacy for senior issues.  Limit your presentation to 8 to10 slides. Include notes with more detailed information on the notes page below the slides.

5. APA format

6. No Plagiarism


-in the introduction, summarize the macroeconomic event (slow economic growth & deflation problems in Japan) and mention what you plan to discuss in the essay. (100 words)

-apply the economics concepts and models identified to show your understanding of the event (slow economic growth & deflation problems in Japan). (1)specifically you should identify the key macroeconomic challenges faced by the country, (2)causes of the problems, (3) its impacts on the society and economy as well the policies implemented by the government concerned to solve the problem. (1000 words)

-a conclusion, highlighting the key points and argument in the essay. (100 Words) 



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