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Create a paper prototype video for software user-interface

In this assignment, you are asked to create a video for your paper prototype. For designing the paper prototype, you need to determine what software application you plan to design. After identifying the goal of the software application, you need to determine what features (and layouts) need to be designed. Based on the features (and layouts), you can start creating a paper-prototype. After creating the paper-prototype, you need to create a video.

There are several steps you need to follow for accomplishing this assignment as shown below.


1. Create an idea of creating a user-interface (i.e., software application). For this, you need to carefully think about what UIs might be good and useful for your application.

2. Build a paper prototype based on your idea. You might need to create a bunch of paper-based sketches.

3. Create a scenario of using the paper prototype.

4. Capture a video with your smartphone or webcam. While shooting a video, you need to provide a narration.

5. Editing the captured video.

6. Uploading the video to YouTube video site.

7. Submit the uploaded YouTube video link to BlackBoard.


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– Video needs to have a title page indicating the project title and team members’ names.

– Voice narration needs to be added.

– Video duration needs to be less than 15 minutes.


– You only need to submit a created YouTube link on the Blackboard.

For video editing, there are numerous video editing tools available. Even commercial software (i.e. Camtasia) provides 30-days free trial.

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