Commercial Properties


Assume that you are a real estate analyst employed by the Positive Returns Group (PRG).The firm is considering making an investment in two commercial properties; one located in Streeterville and the other located in River North.

PRG’s Investment thesis is to identify under-utilized real estate and add value by delivering the property to its Highest and Best Use (HBU) for the immediate trade area.You are being asked to prepare a Market / Demographic Analysis of the property investigating how the locational demographics affect the marketability of the property.What are the best potential outcomes of retail, restaurant, industrial, commercial, hotel, entertainment or parking OR a mix of uses at this site based upon your analysis of the market?

Individually, you are to prepare a 2-3 page narrative Market / Demographic Analysis of the sites.

Make extensive use of the Site To Do Business ( website as a basis for your analysis. Your report for PRG should also include an analysis of basic demographics, expenditure data, tapestry report, supply and demand information and an investment recommendation.

Your report should be in a business memo format and should contain a Situation Overview section, a Demographic Analysis Section and a Recommendation Section.The report should we be accompanied by your STDB data findings supporting your conclusions (this is in addition to your 2-3 page written narrative).

Suggested Outline For Paper

1.Situation overview

A)Area: What area is in question? Neighborhood? What are we evaluating?

B)What is there now, what is good/bad about it for the area?

2.Socioeconomic/demographic overview (i.e. what audience defines this target area?)

A) Target Audience: Use STDB to show “demographic” and “tapestry” reports

B) Competition: both within proposed asset class and competitive asset class


A)What do you propose should go here and why?

i)Explain your “vision” and use STDB as backup (weave supporting data from STDB into paper throughout)

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