Commercial Power Plant

1) The Obama administration’s commission on nuclear power waste disposal recommended:

A) the process of site selection should be kept secret from the public.

B) a private for-profit corporation should be engaged to choose and construct the facility.

C) that the sites should be spread over dozens of freshwater lakes in the northern United States.

D) there is an immediate need to develop temporary geological storage sites until a permanent one is located.

2) New Generation III nuclear plants such as the AP1000 Advanced Passive Reactor features:

A) a combination of nuclear fusion and fission in a single design.

B) a pressurized water system with many new passive safety features to prevent a LOCA.

C) a design that uses a mechanical source of X-rays for power.

D) designs based on the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.

3) In a photovoltaic system, an inverter is required to:

A) directly convert surplus electricity into heat.

B) generate electricity from solar energy.

C) connect the DC current of the solar panel to the AC current of an electrical grid.

D) convert AC from the solar panel into DC of the grid.

4) Around the world, photovoltaic technology is quickly being adopted to generate electricity in:

A) large scale commercial power plants and on rooftop home units.

B) large scale commercial power plants but not yet on rooftop home units.

C) rooftop home units but not large scale commercial power plants.

D) small electronic applications such as calculators but not yet on rooftops or in commercial power plants.

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