Commercial Conflict

The objective of this week’s topic is to make sure you have an   appreciation of the Role of the Project Manager in Commercial Negotiation. 

Try to ask yourself the questions that were in the slides in this week’s lecture:

1. What is the influence of Trust upon Commercial Negotiation?

2. Does Trust assist in Commercial Conflict Resolution?

3. What is the influence of Collaboration Frameworks upon Commercial Negotiation?

4. Can Co-learning between Teams change the   outcomes of Commercial Negotiation?

5. In what way does taking the Perspective of   others help or hinder Commercial Negotiation?

6. How does Social Capital impact on Commercial   Negotiation?

7. Does it change because of the parties   Cultural Background?

In conclusion:

1. Do the ideas in Chapter 4 help in   structuring your thoughts around Commercial Project Negotiation?

1. What is Conflict?

2. What is Commercial Conflict?

3. How does Commercial Conflict Occur?

4. What can we do to Mitigate Commercial   Conflict?

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