Commentary on family leave and independent living

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  1. Review the rubric for commentaries shown in the syllabus (i.e. Rubric 2)
  2. Review suggested articles, videos and radio broadcasts associated with the topic
  3. Be selective (Remember: You have only 100-300 words! Circle or highlight a key idea or phrase in a target article or jot down an interesting statement from a video or broadcast.)
  4. Write, edit and proof your remarks in a word document (Also, if you provided a citation within your text, be sure to include the full reference at the end of your commentary.)
  5. Perform a check of spelling and grammar and check your word count
  6. Copy and paste your submission in the space provided. File attachments are not allowed.
  7. Commentary 1 (due Wed of week 5)
  8. Choose one topic from among the 3 topics listed. (Credit will be given for the first commentary submitted on time; no extra credit will be given for additional submissions for Commentary 1. But see also Commentary 2 – Coming soon!)

Option 3: Independent Living & the Elderly

Much has been studied and written about how the elderly can live independently. (See for example: Recently, some people have formed “villages” to cope with the many aspects of aging that may compromise one’s ability to live independently. After reviewing NPR’s series on Aging at Home (, comment on the most critical aspects of “village life” that are likely to shape the future of our society in important ways. These may be economic (including health care delivery and its costs), intellectual (continuing education and the use of “brain games” and the like) or architectural (e.g., the design of houses and neighborhoods) or other themes of life.
Option 1: Family Leave

The USA is among the worst of all nations when it comes to mandating family leave upon the birth or adoption of a child.

See for example:

What are the benefits (developmental, social, economic, etc.) for the family and society of a government- or business-sponsored plan to provide leave for family members?

What can you find out about the current state of The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY), as it was introduced to Congress in December 2013 and already well-established in some states like California?

What about paternal leave ? Where is the U.S vs other nations on this matter?

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