Clinical Psyc

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**Please have response be at least 300 words**

Please first read this week’s Learning Resources (I also copied and pasted the links here):

1) Types of Psychological Testing:…

2) Personality Assessment:…

3) Psychological Assessment and Testing:…

4) Here is a review of what an assessment might entail. Pay attention to these components of a Psychological Report to use as a guide for your final project:…

5) After that, please view this film on you tube about serial killers: 

Then, please answer the following for your main post:

Based on links 1 – 4:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured interviews (give examples)?

2. What are the differences between objective and subjective tests (give examples), and what are the pros and cons for each measurement type?

3. When and how should behavioral assessments (give examples) be used?

4. What are some ethical standards that should be considered for assessments?

Based on the video from link 5:

5. Which types of interviews and assessments would you utilize? Would you administer an I.Q., achievement, or personality assessment?

6. What would you expect to find from the assessment process?

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