Climate Change


  • Part 4 of the text book “The Rough Guide to Climate Change”, which is “From Spats to Spin to Saving the Planet”
  • Use what you have learned from the topics, such as “a heated debate”, “Political solutions”, to answer the following questions:

1. If someone addresses the following argument on climate change, how would you respond to them based on what you learned from our class and the textbook? You can choose 3 topics (from 5 topics below): (5 point per topic, 15 points total)

[1] “The atmosphere isn’t warming”

[2] “The warming is due to natural variation”

[3] “The amount of warming is insignificant”

[4] “The benefits will outweight the problems”

[5] “We shouldn’t wreck the economy”


  • Please submit via CANVAS
  • The textbook is described in the syllabus, and here is the details I found on

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