Client Scenario

Nurses communicate with people of all ages from many diverse cultures. With the older population increasing and many ethnic groups visiting and/or moving into our country, it is imperative that we can communicate effectively with all clients.

Write a client scenario.

  • Utilize a client that is from another country for which you are interested in meeting the challenges of communicating. You will want to utilize your Purnell Cultural reference book.
  • As well as being from another country, maybe speaking another language, and having different cultural beliefs and attitudes, your client scenario should include physiologic and psychological changes (these are changes, not diagnosis as described in the third bullet point – think about the Cognitive Integrity and Sensory Perception discussion in Module 2).
  • Describe the location where you are meeting your client (clinic, doctor’s office, hospital, nursing home, or rehab center).
  • List at least one physiologic problem (medical diagnosis) for your client (e.g. hypertension, obesity, diabetes, arthritis).
  • Describe what some communication strategies would be and what challenges in relation to this client scenario.
  • What interventions would the practical nurse anticipate on the client care plan?

Remember the concept of motivation wellness is defined as actions taken by a person, initiated by the intrinsic needs and values of that person as a desire to improve health and wellness.

Health Promotion is part of the concept of education and health promotion, and is defined as empowering clients through teaching and learning methodologies in order to encourage them to take control over their own health and wellness outcomes.

Any outside resources must be added in APA format.

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