Classical Conditioning

Question 1 

Which statement is true regarding the Ford Pinto situation?

a)About half of the Pinto prototypes passed the 20 mph test.

b)Ralph Nader demonized the Ford Motor Company in his book Unsafe at Any Speed.

c)The decision to produce the Pinto was based on a cost-benefit analysis.

d)The average repair would have cost about $20 per vehicle.

Question 2 

Which statement best describes the views of behaviorist John Watson?

a)All human behavior amounts to differentiating pleasure and pain.

b)Free will is the unpredictable aspect of human behavior.

c)About 50 percent of human behavior results from classical conditioning.

d)All human behavior amounts to patterns of stimulus and response.

Question 3 

In a famous experiment, a dog drools at a sound that is made just before meals. This is considered a(n) _______ response.





Question 4 

Which legal principle asserts that shareholders should be first in line to benefit from company profits?

a)Return on investment

b)Executive compensation

c)Investor attraction

d)Fiduciary responsibility

Question 5 

The term _______ applies when corporations refuse to take responsibility for ecological and social damage, such as water pollution, caused by their operations.


b)operational contingencies

c)free will

d)classical conditioning

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