Christian Doctrine on Organizing Principle


A proper paper includes an “organizing principle” and an outline (Turabian style requires an outline following the title page). In this assignment you must also submit the full bibliographic data for 4 sources that you will use.

  • An “organizing principle” is like a tour through your paper. It tells your reader how you will go about proving your point (claim). It should follow the proposed outline of your paper. For example, this next statement gives the organizing principle and then states the claim of the thesis. “We will first describe the Platonic view of the true God. Second, we will examine the Scriptural description of the true God. Third, we will compare the correspondence between the Platonic view of God and the Scriptural description of God. This will demonstrate that the sovereign, predestinating God is the only true God.”
  • The outline includes the main points (and possibly sub-points) of your argument (as reflected in your section headings), the conclusion, and (for this paper) the application. Note that this encourages you to organize your paper with section headings. See the Turabian style manual, 9th edition, for the proper way to style section headings.
  • Your sources should be scholarly books and articles. Web-based information is forbidden for this assignment. However, articles etc. downloaded from the Regent Library databases are acceptable.

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