Christian Communities

Question 1

Essay Questions:(2 questions/100 pts. each) Below are the two possible essay questions for the midterm exam in Christianity. From these two, you will choose one as the subject of clear and well-organized essay of 300 or more words. Each of these questions requires you to pull together ideas and information from a variety of sources.They require you to interpret these sources and put them together using both your powers of imagination and critical reasoning.And they require you to make your words as clear as possible. Note that you will have to take the exam entirely from memory, without such aids as books and notes, so I suggest you practice writing out your essay at east twice before taking the exam.

  • 1- The Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of John each make different arguments about who Jesus is, and what he accomplished.What is the main claim about Jesus each of them makes?How does each gospel support its claims?To whom were they making their claims, and to what values among their readers do they each appeal?
  • 2- Unlike most other religions of the ancient Mediterranean, Christianity placed an enormous emphasis upon belief.Why? What did it gain from this innovation, and what problems did this cause? In some cases this was believing in, and in others it became believing that. Please discuss the importance and the relationship between each type of believing and the function of each in the development of Christian communities and institutions.

Question 2

Write a 1-2 page paper in which you compare and contrast the thoughts of Aquinas and Augustine on the role of religion in government. Within your paper, assess the legitimacy of tyranny as a form of government from the viewpoint of both philosophers.

APA Format, Cite References

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