What is the Role of Technology in Childhood Education?

As technology keeps advancing every day, more applications are being discovered as to how we can utilize it. Technology applications span over numerous fields. In education, it has been applied to address numerous issues including teaching, as a digital resource centre and as a complementary to the old education system. However, as much as technology is used for good purposes, it can potentially be used for other negative reasons. In childhood education, technology has been applied to aid teaching children. It is important to explore the numerous places in which technology can be applied in childhood education.

To begin with, technology can be used to enhance traditional teaching methods, research, and improve learning. Educational videos enhance the child’s learning and understanding capabilities. For example, teachers can make use of visual displays that give an in-depth description of processes such as growth and germination in plants. Certain applications are ideal in improving the child’s cognitive abilities through the exercises and practice they entail. Some software is designed to offer a resource centre for children to learn from and engage them in the numerous exercises which children can do and improve their studying.

Secondly, technology should be used to enhance the moral values of our children. Although the positive applications of education in childhood learning are numerous, we need to ensure that children use technology in a responsible manner. With proper guidance and monitoring from their seniors, children should be encouraged and guided on how they should interact with technology. Parents and teachers need to be very cautious on the technological gadgets they buy and recommend their children to use.

In addition, since technology is here with us to stay, children should have the same opinion and uphold it as they hope to apply it solve numerous societal issues in their contemporary world. Learners should be encouraged to explore their curiosity responsibly with technology and find new angles of applying technology based on their experience and interaction in using technology.

In conclusion, it is important to reflect on the main points put forward on the place that technology should occupy in our children’s education. Technology should be used as a complementary traditional schooling system whereby it should enhance the learners’ understanding of content. We should keep a close eye how our children interact with it to ensure that we bring up a morally upright society. Finally, let our children know that technology is here to stay and they will be responsible for how it will shape our society based on the decisions they make.

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