Chaotic Working Periods

IWC Bhd. is a multinational corporation specialising in manufacturing RF amplifiers. It is a huge corporation with a total workforce of approximately 2000 employees.

Recently, IWC Bhd. received various projects from some of their major customers from China and Europe. Among those major project, the Vice President (VP) of Production, Mr Edward took up two major projects; i.e. Project Alpha and Project Beta. Mr Edward appointed two Senior Production Managers to take up the two project respectively. Ms Anna for Project Alpha and Mr Benjamin for Project Beta. Project Beta relies on Project Alpha to manufacture and supplies some of the components needed to build the output of Project Beta. Both projects are having a very close deadlines. The completion date for Project Alpha is 4th week of March 2020; whilst Project Beta is 1st week of April, 2020.

Ms Anna and Mr Benjamin were busy forming their teams for their projects. Each team consists of ten group members. These team members were selected from various sections of the departments. Some of the team members did not know each other when they were selected for the respective project teams. After two weeks, Project Alpha and Project Beta were completed with sufficient team members. Enthusiastically, Ms Anna and Mr Benjamin also assigned tasks for their team members and expect the team members to deliver results soon. Mr Benjamin was very eager to see the first batch of output, especially his team is relying Project Alpha to deliver certain output for his team, Project Beta.

After three months, Mr Benjamin approached Ms Anna to view the work status for the output components needed for his Project Beta. Unexpectedly, Ms Anna was not able to deliver what she has promised Mr Benjamin earlier. She explained to Mr Benjamin that her team for Project Alpha was having a lot of challenges and problems. The team members in Project Alpha often absent from work, two team members resigned last month, and a few team members often fell sick. Ms Anna seek for Mr Benjamin’s understanding and to provide three more weeks for her team to deliver the promised output. Mr Benjamin had no choice but to patiently wait for another three weeks. After three weeks, Mr Benjamin went to Ms Anna, expect to receive the output as promised. Before he entered the department of Ms Anna, he overheard some of the team members of Project Alpha were quarrelling over some project issues. Three of the team members nearly fought in the office. Mr Benjamin did not enter the department. He returned to his office and started to write an email to his immediate superior, Mr Edward. Mr Benjamin was having an opinion that Mr Edward must be made known about this matter because it seemed Project Alpha was out of control, and Mr Benjamin did not want to be blame because of the inefficiency of Ms Anna and her team.

Soon after Mr Benjamin emailed to Mr Edward, he received an email from Ms Anna explaining the delay, but at the same time, Ms Anna was also blaming Mr Benjamin’s team. Ms Anna claimed that Mr Benjamin did not provide the complete documents in order for her team to complete the work. Due to Mr Benjamin’s mistakes, the delivery of output was delayed. From then on, there was continuous “email-war” between Mr Anna and Mr Benjamin. Both of them were trying their best to proof each other’s mistakes. Mr Edward was very frustrated due to this matter.

Later on, Mr Edward found out that both of the project teams (Alpha and Beta), were suffering from serious matter of absenteeism, team members resigned, fell sick (some even admitted into the hospital due to panic attack)! Mr Edward also discovered that both Ms Anna and Mr Benjamin were hiding some details from him that leads to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of their work performance. Mr Anna was undergoing a period of separation from her husband when Project Alpha team just formed; Mr Benjamin was appointed by the President himself to temporary replaced his Personal Assistant for three months, while the person was away for maternity leave. Mr Benjamin had to quietly accept the appointment from the President. This matter happened after he completed forming his Beta team members. Currently, Mr Edward realised that he needed to take over both project teams because the teams looked really out of control.


From the case, both Team Alpha and Beta were in a chaotic working conditions. Recommend any motivation and/or reward techniques to rectify the situations.

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