Cell Cycle

Click on the link provided below.


Download the worksheet from the assignment folder.  Complete as you progress through the lesson.

Read the overview in its own box.  Click on each “checkpoint” for the 5 phases of the Cycle. The phases are M, G1, G0, S, and G2. The reading for each phase appears in the box to the left. 

When each has been completed, or clicked, the second title in the center of the cycle diagram, Cell Cycle Regulators and Cancer, will light up. 

Click on this title, for the second part to appear.

Click on the Cancer Overview, and read the information in the box. Be sure to click through all 5 pages.

Now click and complete the Regulators Overview, clicking on each of the stimulating and inhibitory icons in each phase.

Answer any questions in the worksheet that apply.

Upload the completed worksheet into the assignment folder.

Due date for the assignment is in the syllabus. Proper grammar and spelling is expected.



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