Caste System

Question 1

Hinduism – Writing Assignment

Hinduism differs from most Western stereotypical views of religion, in that it has no founder and no central text.  Further, it has no essential ritual, systematized dogma, or active proselytizing. The Vedas are the oldest Hindu scriptures, but they are not very important to contemporary practices. Hinduism is an immensely diverse religion, with numerous gods and major variations by caste, region and class. What unifies all these different forms of Hinduism are common beliefs in karma, moksha, samsara and dharma, though interpretations of these key terms will vary.

Briefly describe the major philosophical themes of Hinduism:  such as, Brahman, Atman, Karma, Samsara, Moksha, Dharma, Life-stages and the Caste system.  How can Hinduism embrace such a wide continuum of contradictory social beliefs and practices — universalism and simultaneously its divisive caste system, treatment of women, and exclusivist nationalism?

Question 2

For our first Journal entry, please watch the following video: Houston Smith – Conceptual view of Quantum Mechanics

Then read this excerpt of Chapter 11, “Three Sciences and the Road Ahead,” from the book, Why Religion Matters, by Huston Smith (pp. 174-78) discussing the impermanent and relative world revealed by contemporary physics, where natural processes reside beyond space-time:

Finally, spend some time reflecting upon these materials, the article on Scientism, and the other material on Huston Smith.

Compose a paragraph briefly summarizing what you understand to be some of Smith’s main claims or themes from these materials. Write another paragraph explaining how you think any of this might relate to our course of study. And finally, write a third paragraph describing your understanding of the relationship between religion and science in our world today. (Combined, these three paragraphs should be roughly one page in length.)

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