Case Assessment Evaluation

Review the above case study and complete the CAE Sections below.  Remember to use appropriate APA in-text citations and reference list.

A.  Health History/History of Present Illness. Identify history questions to be obtained to discriminate critical characteristics of the presenting chief complaint (symptom). 

B.  Differential Diagnosis:  Delineate 4 differential diagnosis that could support the chief complaint and HPI. Include DSM-5 diagnostic code for each of the differential diagnosis.

C.  Mental Status Examination:  Delineate mental status exam findings that would be associated with each listed differential diagnosis. 

D.  Etiology: Delineate the etiology of each of the 4 differential diagnosis. Include psychosocial factors and past experiences that may be contributing to current symptoms.

E.  Diagnostic Screening Tools:  Delineate what diagnostic screening tools would be appropriate for each of the 4 differential diagnosis.

F.  Analysis:   Delineate your final assessment along with rationale.

G. Treatment Plan: Delineate appropriate treatment plan which should include psychological therapeutic modalities and the focus, social interventions (support or self- help groups, mobilization of family resources, vocational rehabilitation, financial planning) and identification of strengths.

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