Career Tactics

Question 1

Career Goals

Please briefly identify your Post MSF short and long term career goals where indicated below:

Short term career goals (post MSF):200 Characters max
Long term career goals (post MSF):200 Characters max

Essay 1

Please discuss how you plan to achieve your short and long term career goals following graduation from a local College. What challenges will you face and how will the College help you develop your skills and leverage your professional experiences to achieve these goals? (500 words)

Optional Essay (select one)

1. Please introduce yourself to the BC community. Feel free to be creative in expressing your message.
2. If you have not had coursework in core business subjects (accounting, finance, microeconomics, statistics), or if your standardized test scores are low, please tell us how you plan to prepare for the quantitative rigor of the BC MSF curriculum.
3. Is there any other aspect of your candidacy that you would like to explain in more detail?

Question 2

Follow these links to the following web pages and thoroughly review, search and explore!! :

e-financial careers

The Balance: Career Strategies and Tactics

Review the pages thoroughly and begin to think about and explore what options may be available to you in the world of Corporate Finance. Respond to the forum by telling everyone: Which of the jobs and career areas in finance seems most interesting to you and why? What specifically about the position and its responsibilities interests you? Why do you feel the job fits with your career interests, aspirations and skill set?

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