Career in Hospitality

How important are ethics in business? (600 words minimum)

The purpose of this assignment is to help you expand on the topic you have been brainstorming and exploring for your Research Paper. This way you will discover your own approach and your feelings to your field of study as well as your career in hospitality.

Prepare a response by addressing these specific questions—listed below. Be sure to double space your paper, use 12 pt. font, and Times New Roman script.

Your response must contain a clear introduction of the problem within the specific field and population you intend to explore. It must also include a conclusion stating how you intend to proceed with your research to provide solutions. Address the following questions in complete sentence format.

1.In general terms, what topic do you intend to explore this semester?

2.Why are you personally interested in this topic?

3.What is your point of view with respect to the issues surrounding this topic?

4.How will it—the topic—be meaningful to you?

5.Drawing from your previous professional experience and knowledge base, what do you already know about this topic?

6.What do you want to learn about your topic this semester?

7.What specific questions do you intend to explore?

8.What solutions or recommendation can you provide for this problem?

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