Carbon Compound

Question 1

In a forest, deer, raccoons, squirrels, and other animals eat and find shelter. A detrital food web occurs as their wastes accumulate on the forest floor. In this detrital web:

a. decomposers function as consumers

b. Fungi and earthworms function as producers.

c. Deer and raccoons function as the producers.

d. The deer and raccoons represent decomposers.

Question 2

In rare ecosystems, we would not expect to find:

a. carbon compounds

b. chemosynthesis

c. chlorophyll

d. producers

Question 3

A raccoon spends its week eating raspberries, grain, eggs, and grasshoppers. Raccoons are therefore:

a. carnivores

b. omnivores

c. herbivores

d. producers

Question 4

In a 2-3 paragraph essay, briefly outline the processes by which stars are born, live, and die. Be sure to include the differences in the final phases of low-mass vs. high-mass stars, and the different kinds of remnants they leave behind.

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