Business Opportunities

Question 1

PDCA, an acronym that stands for “plan, do, check, act,” is a technique in Total Quality Management that allows organizations to make improvements in processes and methods while constantly evaluating the results. Constant evaluation of processes and methods ensures the company is always taking steps to improve the efficiency of the organization. Management and employees both must adopt the continuous improvement mentality to make significant increases in efficiency and productivity.

Using the plan do check act approach, solve the customer complaint issue in an organization of your choice. [60 marks]

Question 2

In the global market, companies are right to focus on trends in operations management and strategies for getting ahead in their respective industries. While the pace of technology innovation is rapid, these developments offer more ways to enhance business operations and opportunities to increase profits.

Based on the Mobile Communication Tool, how this tool can help the organisation of your choice to improve the communication in their workplace? [20 marks]

Question 3

Apply the impact of service characteristics on airline operations. Provide examples in your answer. [20 marks]

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