Business Intelligence Paper


Identify, through scholarly or scholarly or practitioner sources, an industry or organization utilizing business analytics (BA) or business intelligence (BI) for financial business decisions. Based on your careful research of the industry or organization, compose a formal academic paper using  3 pages following APA guidelines that:

  1. Evaluates the financial decision making associated with the industry or organization’s use of  BA or BI, making sure to summarize problems or opportunities addressed in the contemporary global market
  2. Constructs (hypothesize if necessary) theoretical foundations applicable to the industry or organization’s use of the BA or BI applications
  3. Critiques the alignment of  BA or BI use with business principles, practices, and policies impacting the swiftness, dependability, and value of data-based financial decisions
  4. Assesses critically social and ethical implications that arise from the use of the BA or BIa
  5. At lest 3 references

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