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Select a company with which you are familiar, preferably one where you have been employed, and consider a process within that company that could be improved. This could be a business process, a manufacturing process, or a service process that you have observed or been involved with.

Using your textbook and library research, prepare a recommended process improvement proposal that incorporates tools and methods learned in this course. Some considerations should include the way work is organized (e.g., project, job shop, batch, assembly, etc.), variability and capacity planning, quality versus price, technology, capacity, and trade-offs. Some examples that could be implemented include, but are not limited to, location considerations, RFID use, objective and/or subjective forecasting methods, expected monetary value (EMV), inventory management, and line balancing.

Your proposal should include

  • A brief description of the company and how the selected process fits into the overall framework of the company.
  • A step-by-step description of the current process, identifying inefficiencies.
  • A detailed plan for improving and benchmarking operations among competitors to be more efficient, using appropriate tools and methods learned throughout the course, including a description of how the tools and methods will be applied.
  • An explanation of possible roadblocks in implementing the process changes.
  • A description of the expected benefits of the improved process.

The Final Paper

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