Bureaucratic Justice

Question description


For this discussion, assume you are a district attorney prosecuting a burglary case. The defendant is willing to plead guilty in return for a sentence of probation, and you feel that this is a fair punishment. However, the victims are upset and want to see the offender receive prison time. They insist that you try the case. What should you do? (Your position in this case will be concerning whether the defendant is a first time offender or not. If the defendant is a first time offender then permit the plea deal. However, if this is a habitual offender, then the defendant needs to receive some prison time.)

Special Instructions:

Consider your responses from a legal, moral, and ethical perspective, and address the following below:

  • Analyze the steps you would take when faced with this dilemma, from an ethical standpoint.
  • Explain your individual philosophy of ethics, as a criminal justice professional in this scenario, based on the ethical system that applies.
  • Differentiate the legal, moral, and ethical issues you see in the scenario provided.



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