Broadcast Satellite


Direct2U is direct broadcast satellite TV service company. They specialises in providing digital satellite television and radio to households in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. In order to achieve this, they use the satellite technology to broadcast the television and radio contents. As a network consultant, you have been recruited to prepare a report to help the company shareholders to better understand the broadcast satellite TV service.

Satellite System Based on Orbit
Geostationary-Earth Orbit (GEO)
Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO)
Low-Earth Orbit (LEO)

Table 1: Satellite System Based on Orbit

In your proposal:

  1. Discuss THREE satellite systems based on orbit that have been identified in Table 1. Your task is to provide a clear and succinct report on the characteristics of each of the satellite system and emphasize the strengths/ benefits of each.
  2. Recommend a satellite systems based on orbit that should be used to serve the company’s purpose. Your recommendation must be supported by relevant examples and considering the most suitable solution to address the location’s geographical properties.

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