Book List

Question 1

Read this book: Lawler, Edward E. III. 2008. Talent: Making People Your Competitive Advantage. Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Assume that you have been selected by your employer to critically evaluate one of the books from the book list. Prepare a two-page (single-spaced, double between paragraphs) report to management that evaluates and analyzes how an important, relevant theme from the book applies to your organization and how your organization can improve through its application.

You should consider yourself as an internal consultant for your organization. Your report should outline an area within your organization that needs improvement, discuss how your analysis of the book might help the organization in this area, and include actionable items you suggest to be implemented.

Question 2

Research on any article or situation of your choice related to Application Security identifying threats or breaches as well as best practices and future trends.

Provide an analysis based on what you have studied in this course, including recommendations to prevent future occurrences and/or to improve security where defects or failures are identified.

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