Birth Control


Several institutions, including the craft store Hobby Lobby and a local College in suburban Chicago, have opted to decline birth control coverage to their employees or students because birth control use violates the religious principles of the governing organization.  In the case of the College, the college has decided to end all student health care coverage in order to avoid violating the regulations of the Affordable Care Act.

In your view , are these institutions behaving ethically? 

Write a persuasive essay of at least 800 words that outlines your views  on the ethics of this controversy.  Use at least 2 resources to support your position.


For this week’s Tuesday journal, you should research the ways in which architecture, design and building have been advanced as a result of technology.  This could be through advancements in materials, design software, or any other related advancement.  Find an article that discusses the advances made in building and/or design.  Briefly summarize the article and the way the technology has advanced the architecture/construction and post the link here to the article. 

Your post should be 2-3 strong paragraphs, include the article link.

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