Big Data Application

SECTION A (Total 80 marks)
Question 1
(a) Based on the organisation of your choice in the finance industry, state the mission and vision of the organisation and list one of its strategic objectives.  (5 marks)
(b) Based on the organisation chosen in 1(a), suggest an operation that you think will benefit from an operational dashboard. Explain how the operational dashboard will benefit this operation.  (5 marks)
(c) Propose three (3) charts to be placed in the operational dashboard based on the operation you suggested in 1(b). Elaborate on the reasons for your proposal.  (15 marks)
(d) Recommend a dashboard filter for the proposed charts in 1(c) and discuss how the filter can enable the organisation to drill down to particular aspects of the operations that it is interested in for each proposed chart in 1(c).  (15 marks)
Using the Generic dataset (generic.xls) provided, construct the dashboard with the proposed charts and filter in (c) and (d). The Generic dataset provides the basic data; you can rename and modify the variables and data to suit the needs of your dashboard. The Generic dataset contains the following:

Screenshot from 2018-09-26 17-45-03

Provide screenshots of the dashboard in your report, and store the Tableau-packaged workbook into a single Tableau workbook file with extracted data named “student_number.tbwx”. Put BOTH items (i.e., the Tableau-packaged workbook and dataset used to construct the dashboard) into a folder, zip it and submit the zipped folder to ECA_PPT. (Marks for the construction of the dashboard and filter will be awarded in Section B of this paper.)
Question 2
(a) The organisation that you have selected in 1(a) has collected free-format customer enquiries over the years and would like to do text mining to understand its customers better. Outline, in fewer than 250 words (i.e., all words beyond 300 will not be marked) the major challenges that the organisation is likely to face with the mining of text data. You have to state the number of words used at the end of your answer.  (10 marks)
(b) Briefly discuss, in not more than 300 words (all words beyond 300 will not be marked) one predictive data mining application that can benefit the organisation that you have selected in 1(a). The discussion should cover the following:
i) data mining objective(s),
ii) data to be used,
iii) how the application will help the organisation, and
iv) limitation(s) of the application.
You have to state the number of words used at the end of your answer.  (20 marks)
Question 3
This question requires you to conduct a search for articles reporting successful applications of Big Data analytics in the finance industry. Select an article and based on the selected article, state one possible limitation of the Big Data application discussed in the selected article and suggest one way to overcome this limitation.

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