Bash Script

For the following labs include the following header in your scripts:

# File name: <filename of your script>

# Author: <Include your full name here>

# Term: <Spring 2018>

# Date: <Include the date you created the script>

Be sure to also include detailed comments in each script!

Part I: Back Up Plan

Write a shell script named lab4.1that will search your home directory for file sizes greater than 1KB. Your script should output a list of these files, then back them up the files to an archive with extension .bakand then remove them.

You can try out the script in a test directory to make sure it functions properly.

Part II: Properly Executed

Write a script named lab4.2that will search though each of the directories in the $PATHenvironment variable and return an the path of the directory and an alphabetized list of the files within them. This must be done for each directory in the $PATHvariable. Attach a screenshot of your output.

Part III: Process Data with a Vengeance

Consider the following data, formatted in the previous lab as shown below:

F gge0001x gge0001y gge0001z

D 12-30-2006 12-30-2006 12-30-2006

T 14:15:20 14:15:55 14:16:27

S a69 a69 a69

B 15.8 16.1 15

M gge06001 gge06001 gge06001

P 30.1 29.6 29.9

Q 20.2 22.3 23.4

R 1006.2 1003.5 999.8

U 1011.8 1011.8 1005

X 34.7 35.2 35.1

A 38.994 38.994 38.994

G 107.71 107.71 107.71

H 8.395 8.406 8.368

O 37.141 36.823 36.621

C 7.55 7.532 7.437

K 28.193 27.902 27.856

W 212.86 210.15 207.15

L 68.3 67.9 67.6

This is the processed performance data collected on a solar photovoltaic module installed at ASU Polytechnic campus. Write a bash script named lab4.3.shwill process this data file to determine the average performance output of the module. Upon processing, the data is to be presented as shown in the table below:

Performance Data

Date 12/30/2006

Tamb (°C) 15.63

Tref (°C) 29.87

Tm (°C) 21.97

Irradiance (W/m^2)1003.17

Isc (A)8.39

Voc (V) 36.86

Imp (A) 7.51

Vmp (V) 27.98

Pm (W) 210.05

FF (%)67.93

Note the corresponding rows:

Date D

Tamb B

Tref P

Tm Q

Irradiance R

Isc H

Voc O

Imp C

Vmp K

Pm W


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