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What is the relationship between the mean and median in a negatively skewed distribution?

A. The mean is less than the median.

B. The median is less than the mean.

C. The geometric mean is higher than the median.

D. They are symmetrical with respect to one another. Reset Selection
A distribution that has the same shape on either side of the center is said to be:

A. positively skewed.

B. negatively skewed.

C. symmetrical.

D. central. Reset Selection

What is the relationship among the mean, median, and mode in a symmetric distribution?

A. They are all equal.

B. The mean is always the smallest value.

C. The median is always the largest value.

D. The mode is always the largest value. Reset Selection
A negatively skewed distribution indicates that:

A. the distribution is not symmetrical.

B. the long tail is to the right.

C. the long tail is to the left.

D. Both A and C Reset Selection

The weekly sales from a sample of ten computer stores yielded a mean of $25,900; a median $25,000 and a mode of $24,500. What is the shape of the distribution?

A. Symmetrical

B. Positively skewed

C. Negatively skewed

D. Bi-modal



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