Automobile Services

Complete only control structures activity. Code from zybooks is already provided. Just re-write code in text file with annotations.

This is a list of best practices for writing python. Use that in annotations and just complete parts A, B, and C under control structure activity.
Zybooks lab 4.9 with code is below

(1) Prompt the user for an automobile service. Output the user's input. (1 pt) Ex: Enter desired auto service: Oil change You entered: Oil change

(2) Output the price of the requested service. (4 pts)

Ex: Cost of oil change: $35

The program should support the following services:

Oil change -- $35

Tire rotation -- $19

Car wash -- $7

If the user enters a service that is not listed above, then output the following error message:

Error: Requested service is not recognized.

LAB ACTIVITY 4.9.1: Warm up: Automobile service cost (Python 3)

service=str(input("Enter desired auto service: \n")) print("You entered:", service)

if (service.lower() == "oil change"):
print("\nCost of oil change: $35")

elif (service.lower() == "tire rotation"):
print("\nCost of tire rotation: $19")

elif (service.lower() == "car wash"):
print("\nCost of car wash: $7")

print("\nError: Requested service is not recognized.")

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