Audio Interviews

Question 1

Create a Website Tour

Most professional organizations have a presence on the Internet, and your professional life may already incorporate the use of such websites. As an early childhood professional, you will frequently use many of the resources listed in Part 3, as their quality and respectful focus on children is exemplary.

  • Pay particular attention to the kinds of information provided (i.e., specific topics, current issues, research, publications, and events, media and audio interviews with practitioners, links to other resources).
  • Choose one website that you find especially interesting and/or personally meaningful.
  • Create a written “tour” of this website as follows:
    • Describe the purpose, structure, and content to someone who has never seen it. Construct a narrative that will serve as a readable “guide.”
    • Help your audience understand the type of information available, include suggestions for navigating the site, and recommend at least three highlights.
    • Make sure to include the name of the organization and the URL for the website in your tour.

Question 2

In “Making Connections between Research and Practice,” which of the five hypotheses relates to your experiences? Explain your response

No other material is needed.

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