Assignment Accounting Unit 8

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Professional Development (an individual assignment)

Part 1: Go to the Career Network by logging in to KU Campus, and select the “Career Network” tab at the top of your screen. This is the landing page to which you will be brought. On the main part of the page you will see job leads from career services.


Choose two positions you would like to apply for. (Assume that you can relocate anywhere). For each position, provide the following information in a bulleted list:

  • Job title
  • Salary (if provided)
  • Degree required
  • Experience required
  • Then determine your skills and abilities regarding the jobs for which you want to apply. Are you qualified? Do you need additional education, experience, or both?

Part 2: With the advent of globalization, many companies hire around the world. They search for the most talented and qualified professionals, wherever they may be located. Now imagine that the jobs you chose are located abroad.

Do research on two countries values regarding work at the World Values Survey Association’s website:

Select 2010-2014 data and then choose 2 countries from the drop-down menu and compare their work related values to yours in a minimum 2-page essay.


  • How do your work related values compare with the countries you chose?
  • What challenges do you think you would have working in the two chosen cultures sometime in the future? What country would you prefer to work in and why?
  • What benefits and challenges might you derive from working in a culture that values a slower pace of life?

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