Assessment Framework

Question 1

In Chapter 6, you examined the essential role of building a self-assessment framework. For this week’s Application Assignment, you will evaluate an organization that you are familiar with in regards to operations. In your response, you should begin by identifying a minimum of five common operational practices that your organization has instituted. Then, select one practice and develop a level of competency between 1 and 5 with two variables. In your course textbook, the section “Building a Self-Assessment Framework” (pp. 78-79) provides a guide for completing this activity.

Question 2

1. Describe the United States’ movement from isolationism to expansion-mindedness in the final decades of the nineteenth century. What ideas and philosophies underpinned this transformation? Please explain these ideas and philosophies.

2. How did the Crusades affect fashion?

3. How did European society change after the Black Death?

Question 3

  1. Which previous 20th century decade was revived in the silhouette in the glamor of power dressing from designer Claude Montana?

At least 100 words

2. Discuss fashion trends that were started from music videos in the 1980s. At least 250 words

3. In your opinion, what is the most effective method for changing society—voting, challenges in the courts, nonviolent civil disobedience, or violence? What evidence can you provide from actual events in the 1960s to support your argument?

At least 100 words.

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