Assessment for and of Learning

Please read the attached articles for the Forum Discussion and Chapter 2 in your textbook:

Many of you have the same frustrations and questions as numerous educators who are currently working to decipher how to tackle the new demands of the Louisiana State Student Standards and more specifically the method by which the students are assessed. One way to tackle these challenges is to increase our own knowledge of assessments and to become experts in the different types of assessments and how to align our instructional practices to ensure all students can perform on summative assessments. Chappuis (2014) states, “If we can do something with assessment information beyond using it figure grade, we can improve learning” (Chappuis, 2012, p. 19). As you read the attached articles and Chapter 2 in your textbook, reflect on your own experience with formative and summative assessments? Did you or your teacher have a clear purpose of the Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning? How does effective formative assessment impact student achievement? How can assessment become the bridge between teaching and learning? Be sure to include real life reflections and example when responding to the forum.

Required Readings:

Textbook: Chapter 2

Your critical forum responses should be in the neighborhood of 300-500 words. Please reply to one classmate’s response

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