Art Gallery: Commentary

Question description

You will be adding a comprehensive statement to your PowerPoint presentation. In the comprehensive statement, present the last words on your art gallery. Summarize your thoughts and convey the larger implications of your art gallery. This is an opportunity to succinctly answer the so what? question by placing the presentation within the context of research about the topic you have investigated. Be sure to demonstrate the importance of your ideas. Do not be shy. The comprehensive statement offers you a chance to elaborate on the significance of your findings.

A minimum of three PowerPoint slides are required. You may include more than one idea on each slide, but please do not overload the slides with information. (You do not have to do the PowerPoint slides, you can format it on a Word Document instead)

Be sure to address the following in your comprehensive statement: 1 Describe what you learned about art in general. 2 Describe what you learned about the art criticism theory. 3 Describe what you learned about art’s role in society. 4 Citations and references are not a requirement for this section, but if you choose to use outside sources, they must be cited and referenced accordingly. 5 Although you do not need to add any new sources for the commentary section, you will need to ensure all APA guidelines are followed for the presentation as a whole.

The Art Gallery is attached to this question. The comprehensive statement must be revolved around this. There is also an example of what it should look like but instead of PowerPoint, a Word document is fine.



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