Art Analysis

You can find art at a lot of local restaurants, local libraries, some banks, on your college campus and of course Art Museum! D Choose one and begin to analyze using the concepts and terminology for Elements of Design and Principals of Design. Be sure to read the “ART OF SEEING” information above as it spells out the four steps you should be going through to cover all the necessary areas in your paper. The additional forms are to be printed off and used as a starting point to help guide the direction of the paper. You will not need to have them attached to your paper. The ruberic grading format you find here at the bottom of the resource page will give you the possibility of earned points attached to each category of the paper.
So basically writing you paper, start with what you see like the information in “ART OF SEEING” explains.

EX: ” I see a variety of colors, mostly reds and blues…deep in hue in a landscape of what appears to be a fall season. There are several buildings in the foreground with trees and a small park. Children are playing with a dog.” very thorough and as descriptive as possible until you have mentioned everything you can that is obvious to the eye.

Describe everything you see then begin to break it down by HOW THE ARTIST USED EACH OF THE ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPALS of DESIGN…

EX: “The artist used dark thick lines to outline the trees and the lines direct your eyes upward toward a bright sky. The lines in the tree for the branches appear thinner and more delicate as though they have lost some life, therefore giving me the impression they are possibly older trees. The artist used thick brushstrokes with the paint creating texture that is obvious to the eye. They also used a variety of colors and lines in the tree trunk and in the leaves that helps to create the rough texture of the tree and it’s leaves.”

Each Element and Principle of Design label should be used in your writing even if you have to describe the absence of any use of it. I will attempt to up load an example of some previous report tomorrow for more helpful guidance. Just be thorough, and you won’t have any problem making the 4-5 pages. Proper sentence structure is required as well as spelling and those things can be counted against you if not used correctly.

Your paper must be done in Times Roman font or something as close as possible, double spaced, 10-12 point in size. The paper must be 4-5 pages in length excluding the image itself. You must attach the image!

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