Armed Conflict

Question 1

Regarding _______ colonialism, the highest rates of alcoholism, depression, poverty, and suicide are found among Native Americans.





Question 2

Why did Great Britain declare war on Germany in 1914?

a)To honor its treaty with Belgium

b)To render assistance to France

c)To prevent Russia from mobilizing

d)To seek revenge on the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Question 3

The largest imperial state in ancient history in geographic terms was established under

a)Genghis Khan.

b)Julius Caesar.

c)Alexander the Great.

d)Winston Churchill.

Question 4

The last of Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points proposed the creation of


b)League of Nations.

c)World Court.

d)United Nations.

Question 5

In the actuality of war, the means of diplomacy-trade, commerce, and civil discourse-are suspended. Therefore, it can be said that

a)war is an extension of politics by other means.

b)radical discontinuity exists between peace and war.

c)an inevitable alternation occurs between war and peace.

d)diplomacy is an ineffective way to forestall inevitable armed conflict.

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